About Us

Mudding with a Jeep

“Everyone is Onakwest.  What’s yours?”

Onakwest is a company that strives to inspire people with unique, simplistic, yet specific designs for all. 

What are you Onakwest for?  Is it a 200lb tarpon on a fly?  Is it to catch that perfect wave?  Maybe, just learning how to surf or fly-fish.  You might be Onakwest to be the next Shaun White or Tim Tebow.  Do you want to climb Mt. Everest or go skydiving?  You could be Onakwest to be a great witness for Christ.  Our apparel will inspire you to state it, show it, wear it and engage others to think about it.

Where it all Began…

Catching a MahiThe idea for Onakwest came in 1995 during a fishing trip to the Florida Keys. Russell, Joe, C.C. and myself (Larry) were staying at the “Boatel,” one of the fishing houses owned by Mrs. Lilo at Duck Key. It was my first fly-fishing trip for tarpon. I was excited and nervous at the same time. One day at about noon we unloaded all of our gear and launched two boats, one of which was brand new and still needed a name. That afternoon was a bust, but we had a great trip anyway. That evening we were tying rigs for tarpon and telling stories about other trips we had been on in the past, when Russell stood up and said “I’m on a quest for a 200-pound tarpon on a fly.” That was it! The idea hit me, and Onakwest was born. At first, Onakwest was just a good name for a boat, but it slowly evolved into the company that it is today. That trip to the Keys was a good one, as most are. We caught a few tarpon and had a great time, but the best thing that happened was the inspiration for a great line of outdoor active wear.